Ragnarok Services

Gepard Gameguard (Lifetime license) 2 Available

» Check integrity memory of code section (game EXE)
» Check integrity of game EXE
» Check integrity of DLL in the client folder
» Encryption of network packets with dynamic key
» Protection against DLL injection
» Protection against WPE/RPE/OpenKore (bot)
» Opportunity to get unique ID of player (based not on MAC)
» Opportunity to block player by unique ID
» Prevent run on virtual machines
» Search launched cheat software (OllyDbg, Cheat Engine, PotND, meth4u and other)
» Works with the last version of RCX
» Generates crash log

The Gepard Installation on your server/client is already included for free and setup time will take 48 hours or less. NOTE, If you'll change EXE version in the future, it will cost ₱750 PHP or $15 USD one-time pay.

RO Configuration

» Max Base/Job Level
» Base/Job EXP Rates
» Normal Item Drop Rates (Common/Equip/Card)
» MVP Item Drop Rates (Common/Equip/Card)
» Job Class to Implement
» Max ASPD
» Max Stats

RO Lite Installer

» Hexed Client
» yourRO GRF
» Thor Patcher

File can be downloaded via Mega.Nz.

RO Full Installer

» Hexed Client
» Data GRF Files
» Thor Patcher
» BGM Files
» DLL Files
» rdata.grf
File can be downloaded via Mega.Nz.

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