How to make a GM Account in Ragnarok Servers (Hercules/rAthena)

There are 3 Steps to this: 

Website: FluxCP Control Panel

1. Register a new account to your FluxCP Website.

Server Side: Database

1. Login to your phpMyAdmin ( e.g. "http://" ).

2. Find and click your Ragnarok database called "ragnarok".

3. Find and click the table called "login".

4. Find your newly registered account and click "edit" then change the "group_id" from 0 to 99 (admin).

Client Side: for GM Sprite

1. Open your clientinfo.xml inside your RO GRF with an editor ( ex: notepad++).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="euc-kr" ?>
2. Here we have added the three ids (e.g. 2000000, 2000001, 2000002) to have GM Sprites
You should add your additional ids to the list in the format as above ( ex: 2000000).

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