How to Change the Server Configuration

Changing the Max Level:


Changing the Base/Job Experience Rates:

»Open up /conf/battle/exp.conf. Look for:

// Rate at which exp. is given. (Note 2)
base_exp_rate: 100

// Rate at which job exp. is given. (Note 2)
job_exp_rate: 100
and change to whatever you want, in multiples of 100. A good rule of thumb is to get your number, say you want 10x rates. Input 10, then add 2 zero's (0) to it to make it 1000.

Changing Multi-level Ups:

» Open up /conf/battle/exp.conf. Search for:

// Turn this on to allow a player to level up more than once from a kill. (Note 1)
multi_level_up: no

Changing the Required DEX for Insta-cast:

» Open up /conf/battle/skill.conf. Search for:

// At what dex does the cast time become zero (instacast)?
castrate_dex_scale: 150

Changing the Max Stats:

» Open up /conf/battle/player.conf. Search for:

// Max limit of char stats. (agi, str, etc.)
max_parameter: 99

// Same as max_parameter, but for 3rd classes.
max_third_parameter: 120

// Same as max_parameter, but for baby classes.
max_baby_parameter: 80

// Same as max_parameter, but for baby 3rd's.
max_baby_third_parameter: 108

Setting Drop Rates:

100 = 1%
2500 = 25%
5000 = 50%
10000 = 100%

» Open up /conf/battle/drops.conf and look for the following:

// The rate the common items are dropped (Items that are in the ETC tab, besides card)
item_rate_common: 100
item_rate_common_boss: 100
item_drop_common_min: 1
item_drop_common_max: 10000

// The rate healing items are dropped (items that restore HP or SP)
item_rate_heal: 100
item_rate_heal_boss: 100
item_drop_heal_min: 1
item_drop_heal_max: 10000

// The rate at which usable items (in the item tab) other then healing items are dropped.
item_rate_use: 100
item_rate_use_boss: 100
item_drop_use_min: 1
item_drop_use_max: 10000

// The rate at which equipment is dropped.
item_rate_equip: 100
item_rate_equip_boss: 100
item_drop_equip_min: 1
item_drop_equip_max: 10000

// The rate at which cards are dropped
item_rate_card: 100
item_rate_card_boss: 100
item_drop_card_min: 1
item_drop_card_max: 10000

// The rate adjustment for the MVP items that the MVP gets directly in their inventory
item_rate_mvp: 100
item_drop_mvp_min: 1
item_drop_mvp_max: 10000

// The rate adjustment for card-granted item drops.
item_rate_adddrop: 100
item_drop_add_min: 1
item_drop_add_max: 10000

// Rate adjustment for Treasure Box drops (these override all other modifiers)
item_rate_treasure: 100
item_drop_treasure_min: 1
item_drop_treasure_max: 10000


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