[Guide] Adding Custom Items

1st Step:

Go to:


Add your sprite for Example:




2nd Step:

Go to data folder and open as notepad: idnum2itemdesctable.txt


Str + 10
Class :^777777 Headgear^000000
Defense :^777777 0^000000
Equipped on :^777777 Lower^000000
Required Level :^777777 ??^000000
Weight :^777777 10^000000
Applicable Job :^777777 Every Job^000000


Go to data folder and open as notepad: idnum2itemdisplaynametable.txt


17000#Blood Helm# //<---------------- In-game name


Go to data folder and open as notepad: idnum2itemresnametable.txt




3rd Step:

Go to:



This file (¾ÆÀÌÅÛ) is for Drop item which is .act and .spr


Blood_Helm.act and Blood_Helm.spr


4th Step:

Go to:



Put the following files, This sign "¿©" is for Female Character.


¿©_Blood_Helm.act and ¿©_Blood_Helm.spr


5th Step:

Go to:



Put the following files, This sign "¿©" is for Male Character.


³²_Blood_Helm.act and ³²_Blood_Helm.spr


6th Step:

Go to: data\lua files\datainfo
Open accessoryid.lua as Notepad




Open accname.lua as notepad




7th Step:

Also config it to the server, go to db/item_db2.txt or db/import/item_db.txt at the last line of notepad or Wordpad,
for example:


17000,Blood_Helm,Blood Helm,5,20,,100,,1,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,256,,10,1,1001,{},{},{}

<----You'll see "1001" at the last part, that will be your View ID that you put on accessoryid.lua

*Note: If you are using 2013 Client, you have to edit and add your custom item description inside to System/ItemInfo.lub and System/ItemInfo.lua, find it inside of your RO main folder.


[17000] = {
unidentifiedDisplayName = "Blood Helm",
unidentifiedResourceName = "Blood_Helm",
unidentifiedDescriptionName = {
"Str + 10",
"Class :^777777 Headgear^000000",
"Defense :^777777 0^000000",
"Equipped on :^777777 Lower^000000",
"Required Level :^777777 ??^000000",
"Weight :^777777 10^000000",
"Applicable Job :^777777 Every Job^000000"
identifiedDisplayName = "Blood Helm",
identifiedResourceName = "Blood_Helm",
identifiedDescriptionName = {
"Str + 10",
"Class :^777777 Headgear^000000",
"Defense :^777777 0^000000",
"Equipped on :^777777 Lower^000000",
"Required Level :^777777 ??^000000",
"Weight :^777777 10^000000",
"Applicable Job :^777777 Every Job^000000"
slotCount = 1,
ClassNum = 0

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